An initial training program for your General Manager (may be a Principal) and one other person having management responsibility for your operations (may be a Principal) for a period of four weeks at one of our approved training facilities. Initial training includes all aspects of the pizzeria operation, including but not limited to new product introduction, onsite food preparation, proper baking procedures, customer service procedures, management techniques, equipment operation, purchasing, scheduling and business procedures, among other topics.


Upon signing your franchise agreement, you and your partner or manager will enroll in a training course. Training will consist of both in-person and online. We will teach you every aspect of operating a Big Mamas & Papas Pizzeria, from preparing the dough to answering the phones. You'll be provided with checklists and video to teach your crew of employees and how to prepare the products, how to handle customer service, how to thoroughly clean, and how to successfully conduct day to day operations. Franchise owners can expect to learn their new skills and be tested while working in one of our training restaurants.

Grand Opening

During the opening of your new Big Mamas & Papas Pizzeria our new restaurant training team will be there to support you. The Training Team will help set up your restaurant and help train your employees, among a host of other things. It's important to learn the basics of preparing all the products on the menu. Franchise owners will learn how to make the dough, how to prepare sauces, how to set up the restaurant for service, and how to do a basic supply order. It's important to understand all of the details involved in operating a highly successful restaurant. It takes a huge commitment to learn how to develop talent, how to supervise and delegate operation's responsibilities so that owners who wish to become multi-unit operators can have qualified managers able operate a restaurant without the owner having to maintain a constant presence at any one location.


We at Big Mamas & Papas Pizzeria have been in business for over 20 years and we have created a superior operating system that, when followed, can result in a win-win. One part of our system is a quarterly restaurant audit which examines everything in your operation from food safety to customer service. The audit is designed to analyze day to day operations and provide a diagnostic tool your Franchise Consultant can find ways to improve your business and to maximize success. When we conduct our quarterly audit it is always highlighted as a very valuable tool by our Franchise Owners.


With our culture of open communications, operating excellence, and a commitment to making sure you and your team are well-trained in the most important aspects of running a Big Mamas & Papas Pizzeria, we ensure everyone is on the same page to achieve success.